Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome To The Snagging Palace

Hello there!

I know that you must be like love with snagging and tagging!!! I took over this group for a friend... she just couldn't keep up with all the requests and I hope to get tons of requests here too! Hope you have fun here!

To join our group, visit:

We previously had a website with more graphics, but it got deleted (not sure why, if someone did it on purpose or what..) but now that I have limited internet access time & bandwidth, I am just putting graphics in the FILES section here at yahoogroups.

As a mod, you can share your own images & tags with the group -
just add a comment below
and request to become a moderator ^_^


Put your requests for tags in the DATABASE section and I'll get to them as soon as I can. (I am a busy stay-at-home mom... I hope you will understand.) I am doing this as a favor for you so PLEASE do not rush me. You MUST be a current member at the group to post tag requests. There is also a rule that you can only request (3) free tags per month.
(Read Rules in FILES section for more info.)

Now Snag Away!!!



(must be a member of the_snagging_palace to email me,
or yahoo will reject your message)

or leave a comment below


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