Monday, April 13, 2009

Protect Your Computer

Protect your computer!

Some people seem to get online with no or hardly no

protection, this can harm your computer and more... .

Things you need:

Firewall (free)

Zone Alarm

CCleaner (free)


Adaware: (also free)

AD -Aware

NOD32 (antivirus free 30 days) NOTE YOU CAN ONLY USE 1 ANTI VIRUS AT A TIME!


AVAST (antivirus)


AVG (antivirus)


These are 4 things you really need.

A site that has all these kind of things is:

DownLoad dot com Antivirus


Make sure you have NO other anti virus program on

your computer while downloading or running another

anti virus program, at any given time you can only

use ONE anti virus program.

Hope it helps all of you to keep your computer clean :-D

Tutorials for PSP8

Not sure if all of these links are still good... let me know if you find

one that is a dead link so I can remove it.

This file will be sent monthly at the_snagging_palace so you

can learn how to make your own tags & graphics (if you have PSP 8).

Get the FAQS & TIPs on JASC's PSP8

JASC PSP8 - an all NEW version of JASC PSP - FAQs about PSP8

Selections and Tolerance

Pen Tool

Magic Wand - PSP8

Background Eraser

Recover Antialias

Shape Based Antialias filter

Inside Outside Feather

JASC PSP8 - Character Text

JASC PSP8 Background Eraser

Tubes Placement Options

Masks: Image as Mask

Masks: Image as Mask (2)

The Seamless Tiling Effect

PSP8 Script - Batch Conversion/Rename

Selections in PSP 8

What's New in PsP8

PSP 8 Tutorials

Effects and Techniques for PSP V8 Tutorials Index

PSP 8 Links & FAQ

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8

See Through Text for PSP 8

pspPower Spring 2003: Fun with Paint Shop Pro 8 Transformations

Basic Scripting

Paint Shop Pro 8: Pose, Scrap & Paint

Share other links in the comments section below. Thanks!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello From Barbi

Hello and welcome!

This is the blog for

I will post links for making graphics, tags, etc.

You can find more graphics and request your

own tags by CLICKING HERE and joining the group.

I do not claim to be an expert, just a fan of tags myself.

I don't know if any of these graphics are copyrighted in any way.

If you see one that is yours, please leave a comment and

I will immediately research & remove it.

If I use graphics I have paid for, I will post all rules that apply.

Thank you for visiting, and please bookmark this site,

as I will be adding more and more content.