Monday, April 13, 2009

Tutorials for PSP8

Not sure if all of these links are still good... let me know if you find

one that is a dead link so I can remove it.

This file will be sent monthly at the_snagging_palace so you

can learn how to make your own tags & graphics (if you have PSP 8).

Get the FAQS & TIPs on JASC's PSP8

JASC PSP8 - an all NEW version of JASC PSP - FAQs about PSP8

Selections and Tolerance

Pen Tool

Magic Wand - PSP8

Background Eraser

Recover Antialias

Shape Based Antialias filter

Inside Outside Feather

JASC PSP8 - Character Text

JASC PSP8 Background Eraser

Tubes Placement Options

Masks: Image as Mask

Masks: Image as Mask (2)

The Seamless Tiling Effect

PSP8 Script - Batch Conversion/Rename

Selections in PSP 8

What's New in PsP8

PSP 8 Tutorials

Effects and Techniques for PSP V8 Tutorials Index

PSP 8 Links & FAQ

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8

See Through Text for PSP 8

pspPower Spring 2003: Fun with Paint Shop Pro 8 Transformations

Basic Scripting

Paint Shop Pro 8: Pose, Scrap & Paint

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